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Utah Metalheads

Headbangin' in Zion

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A list of shows and resources pertaining to the metal scene in Utah.
Yes, Virginia, there is metal in the state of Zion!

Here is a forum for Utah to discuss and promote metal ... local shows, places to buy metal, band promos, metalhead milkshake nights ... whatever! All genres of metal are welcome: black, death, power, prog, classic, hair, doom, industrial, even mall!

Membership is open to anyone, no real rules yet (And don't make me write them!) -- just play friendly. No trolls or "more-metal-than-thou-art" attitude, please.

BTW, there are literally dozens of shows and bands in Utah, and if you have one you want to promote, simply become a member and post about it. We'll be more than happy to promote it here!

No obligation, but why not introduce yourself:
Where you live:
Favorite Bands:
Favorite Books:
Favorite Metal Show In Utah:

Have fun, and see you at the show! \m/

Upcoming Shows
Show Date
February 21Skid RowThe Great Saltair
March 7WarrantThe Great Saltair
March 13KatsumotoAvalon Theater
March 14TriviumMurray Theater
April 26QueensrycheThe Depot
May 19My Life with the Thrill Kill KultThe Urban Lounge
Every MondayMetal Mondays (Metal bowling [?!] w/ DJ)Town and Country Bowl
Every WednesdayGothIndustrial (Industrial/Goth w/ DJ)Club Vegas
Every ThursdayThe Metal Gods (Mock 80s metal cover band)Liquid Joe's
Every FridayDas Maschine (Industrial night w/ DJ)Area 51

And banners . . . Advertise? Pretty please?

Utah Metalhead Links:

\m/ Nightclubs/Venues \m/
Sanctuary @ Area 51- Nightclub featuring 'Das Maschine,' and industrial night every Friday.
Club Vegas- Nightclub featuring 'GothIndustrial' every Wednesday, and numerous metal events.
The Country Club- All ages venue in the very metal city of Ogden.
Liquid Joe's- Home to a few metal shows, plus The Metal Gods. :D
The Great Saltair- Oversized, overstuffed venue featuring some of the biggest and greatest metal shows in Utah.
Metal Mondays - Utah's most talented metal DJ returns to host . . . Monday night bowling.
The Avalon Theater- An all ages venue in South Salt Lake, featuring a number of amazing metal shows.
Club NVO- A small venue in Logan, occasionally highlighting a local metal band.

\m/ Stores \m/
Heavy Metal Shop- THE place to go for American and thrash metal, or if you hate being ripped off by ticket prices.
Slowtrain- Independent music seller featuring scant but hard-to-find metal, industrial, Gothic, and punk.
Obscura/The Abyss- Clothing and music appealing to the dark and underground side of Salt Lake City.
Red Light Books- Local shop catering to a variety of dark interests, including black and death metal. Also houses a number of local shows.

\m/ Bands \m/
12 Ton Jezus
And Embers Rise
Arsenic Addiction
Behind Black Gates
Black Damp Diery
Burying Ann Hewitt
Darling You Should be Ashamed
Desolate Realm
Die Monster Die
Dying Rest Theory
Eleventh Hour
God's Revolver
Gravecode Nebula
Her Candane
Ibex Throne
I'll Be Your Eyes
Jezus Rides a Riksha
Katagory V
Massacre at the Wake
Meat Wagon
Pagan Dead
Prosthetic Heads
Riots of Eighty
Separation of Self
Thank You Goodbye
The Street
Tragic Black
Yaotl Mictlan

\m/ Radio Shows \m/
Darby/KAOS - Local rock DJ. Sunday host of KAOS, an all metal radio program. Kaos can be heard on 94.9 FM Sunday night at 9 PM.
Maximum Distortion - Metal show on public radio, which features local bands in the mix. Maximum Distortion can be heard on Wednesday nights on 90.9 FM at 10:30 PM.

\m/ Miscellaneous \m/
Utah Metal- Forum for all things metal in Utah.

P.S. We are a direct affiliate of Non-Mormon Utah. (No, this does not mean that you have to be non-mormon to be a member of Metalhead Utah. We love Mos here. Just that our communities are good buddies. We tried to become a direct affiliate of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as well, but they required dwarvenpanzer9 to audition for the Tabernacle Choir. He played the bass Murderface style, and ever since, he, the mod, and the mod's goldfish have been banned from Temple Square.)